On today’s worksites… You need to see the unseen — risk.

  • Predict risk and plan for it
  • The expense of a claim stretches far beyond the claim itself (OSHA fines, hiring & training a replacement worker, repairing equipment, crisis management, and more)
  • Allied’s Solutions Driven™ approach allows you to embrace risk head-on
  • Allied’s Risk Engineering Services can help your organization compete and thrive at a higher level
  • When it comes to your bottom-line… Ignoring risk is the biggest risk
Allied’s Risk Engineering Services

Own Risk before it owns you. We can work with you to help manage your risks and reduce your total insurance costs. The Allied Toolbox toolbox is a personalized risk management website exclusively available to our clients. Contact the Risk Engineering Services now Call toll-free: 800-569-9427

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  • Let us assess your company’s Risk
  • Allied has professionals that are focused solely on the niches we serve
  • Allied’s Risk Engineering Services know exactly what risks to look for to protect you
  • Our systematic process ensures that any potential gaps — or risk — is identified and addressed
  • We build a custom plan, tailored specifically for your organization and industry
  • That specialization means you can rely on our experience, Solutions Driven™ approach, industry resources, and trusted relationships to deliver bottom-line improvements for you
Allied’s Risk Engineering Solutions

RISK is an opportunity….Embrace it. More than just risk management. We offer VALUE.

  • Turn your risk into profit
  • Our Risk Engineering solutions utilize a business development approach
  • We identify specific types of risks in specific areas…because we know your industry (see risk definitions below)
  • Work with your employees to help train, inform, and instill a safety culture
  • Our solutions & people become a member of your team

Allied’s Risk Engineering Services: Become more aware. Become more efficient. Become more effective…regarding your safety & risk solutions. Risk Engineering solutions include:

  • ISNetworld, Avetta, & Browz solutions
  • Operational excellence training for supervisors
  • Claims consulting
  • Contract reviews
  • Allied’s safety & training Toolbox
  • Plus many more…

Speak with Allied’s Risk Engineering Director, Cameron Boots, to get started. 412-535-9307 or cboots@alliedinsbrokers.com

The Risk Engineering Difference

Personalized Safety Documents
From company Safety Manuals to Accident Prevention Plans and everything else regarding safety documents. You will be assigned your own safety engineer and they will personalize all your safety documents to your company specific requirements.
A Rating Guarantee
You don’t have time to waste when getting on a job-site, and now a days it requires you to learn new software just to become compliant. That’s where RiskErgo specialized knowledge and training on these sites comes in. We guarantee an A rating to get you on a job and quickly on to work.
Safety and Risk Monitor
We do what we know best and take full responsibility for all account updates, action items and administrative duties to leave you doing what you do best. Priority items are communicated and managed immediately by our team of engineers.

Safety Toolbox

The Most Complete Training Software. ToolBox.

Risk and Safety Innovation Tailored to YOU
ToolBox is your one stop shop for all your Safety and Risk training needs. If you’re an instructor/manager and you need proof of training, it keeps all your records in one place and will generate a full dashboard based on the training’s your employees have taken.
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ToolBox uses interactive training, unlike training classrooms in the past where half of the audience is asleep. These courses demonstrates how a productive employee learns and works, and uses inquisitive questions, activities, and quizzes throughout the training.

We’ve found that many of our clients don’t always have the time available to train on site or they have employees that are injured and need work to do. ToolBox allows the user to take these course anywhere, including at home. ToolBox is an industry leader in training and safety and with the backing of RiskErgo is ever growing and developing.

Unlimited Access for your Entire Team
No pay as you go or pay per user. All Inclusive!

Online Interactive Training
Our Risk and Safety Engineers have developed the top of the line interactive training, industry specific.
Track your Training
Looking at old files and tracking everything by paper is the way of the past.

Over 200 Competent Persons Courses
Variety of courses include everything but not limited to: Operator, Driver, HAZCOM, HAZWOPER, Rigging, Crane, Scaffolding, Forklift, etc.
Competent Persons Training
Your employees need to be trained for new job sites FAST! With ToolBox, you never have to worry about how you will get your training requirements.

Mobile Friendly
ToolBox is built to be responsive on any platform. Even if you need a quick training on the jobsite it will be available on your smart phone.

Know Your Risk

Types of Risk

Strategic Risk: When an organization strives to achieve both strategic and internal objectives, certain external events and scenarios can hinder or prevent an organization from achieving their strategic objectives. This is known as Strategic Risk. Hazard Risk: Also known as ‘pure risk’ or risk from accidental loss. There is either loss or no loss without a chance of gain. Hazard risk is where insurance comes into play within the four risk categories. A business is able to mitigate, contractually transfer, insure, or assume a hazard risk. Operational Risk: Involves the day-to-day functions and procedures of a business. This is where safety comes in to play within risk. Safety is a control measure to make sure operations are not interrupted. Financial Risk: Any various types of risk associated with transactions or loans that include business loans at risk of default. Fnancial risk can be qualitative to all areas of business. For example, is your business cash heavy or is it asset heavy?


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