OSHA to Delay Injury & Illness Electronic Reporting Requirement



The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) electronic reporting rule requires certain establishments to report information electronically from their OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301. The rule also requires OSHA to create a website that can be used to submit the required information. Under the rule, the first reports are due by July 1, 2017.

However, on a recent update to its recordkeeping webpage, OSHA indicated it will not be ready to receive electronic workplace injury and illness reports by the established deadline. No new reporting deadline has been adopted yet.



OSHA has not officially delayed the July 1, 2017, deadline, but its website will not be ready to receive electronic reports from employers by this time.

Affected establishments should continue to record and report workplace injuries as required by law and should monitor these developments to learn whether a new reporting deadline will be adopted.


  • The rule requires OSHA to create and provide a secure website to transmit electronic information.
  • Under the rule, OSHA will publicize the information received from the electronic reports.
  • The final rule has met significant opposition and its validity is currently being challenged in federal court.



May 12, 2016: OSHA issues its final electronic reporting rule. The first reporting deadline is set for July 1, 2017.

May 16, 2017: OSHA indicates its reporting website will not be ready to receive the first reports by the July 1 deadline.