OSHA Injury & Illness Record-keeping and Reporting Requirements

The OSHA 300 log is part of a federal workplace safety requirement. It is a form that must be filled out by employers that records all applicable injuries or illnesses that occurred in the workplace. It must be filed every year between February 1 and April 30.

Having a Certified Safety Specialist (CSP) assist you with this requirement, that truly understands your industry, its unique risks, and your workplace hazards, can have a positive and measurable impact on your business. 

Why Have a CSP That Knows Your Industry Help with Your OSHA 300 Log?:

  • Your OSHA 300 statistics determine your TRIR & DART. If these are too high you could miss out on jobs.
  • Assist in determining if the recordable incident you have listed is really recordable.
  • Assist in calculating how many ‘Days Away’ you have listed.
  • Assist with how ‘Light Duty’ can be integrated within the report.
  • ISNetworld & Avetta require these documents to be updated.

Learn more about the OSHA Log requirements, along with other helpful resources HERE.

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