Protecting Yourself From the Most Dangerous Construction Risks

Whether you are a construction worker, are currently managing a site, or own a construction company, you’re probably aware that safety should always be a top priority. When you prepare for some of the most common site risks in the

What Do You Do if Someone is Injured on Your Equipment

There is an enormous industry in North American involved with equipment rentals, and the 12,000-plus companies offering these services provide both heavy equipment and light tools to consumers who find it more cost effective to rent rather than purchase them.

Advantages of Specialized Crane Insurance

It is a fairly common misconception that all aspects of the construction industry can be lumped together under the umbrella of a single insurance model that suits all, and satisfies the insurance needs for all. In actuality, the specific needs

Lowering Risk on the Worksite

The goal of any good business is to minimize the potential for loss that may arise on the job. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in Washington, D.C., 4,585 workers were killed on the job in 2013, with 16

Making Safety Your First Priority on the Worksite

Every construction site, no matter how great, is susceptible to things going wrong. Equipment can break or malfunction, people can get hurt, and overall, things can simply not go as planned. It’s the job of the contractors and everyone else

Preventing the Most Common Scaffolding Accidents

2007 was the year that two brothers were involved in a deadly New York scaffold accident in the Upper East Side. A faultily constructed scaffold collapsed, sending the pair crashing 47 stories to the pavement below and their eventual deaths. Whether the

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