Making Safety Your First Priority on the Worksite

Every construction site, no matter how great, is susceptible to things going wrong. Equipment can break or malfunction, people can get hurt, and overall, things can simply not go as planned. It’s the job of the contractors and everyone else responsible for the construction site to make sure that operations are as smooth, safe and affordable as possible. While it isn’t feasible to build a truly flawless construction site, you can create one that is ready to handle any and all problems thrown its way without missing a beat.

The biggest step towards achieving this kind of construction site is to purchase builders risk insurance or construction equipment insurance, or any similar type of construction site insurance. With this sort of insurance, you’re setting up your construction site to run at its most flawless state, by improving the safety of the site, the efficiency, and the overall bottom line. Here’s a closer look at how construction insurance can help your site be as close to perfect as possible.

Ensure the Safety of Your Construction Site

The unfortunate reality is that when equipment is not insured, it is more likely to be passed over when it is in less than ideal shape. Think of construction equipment insurance like health insurance. When you don’t have health insurance, you don’t go to the doctor for check-ups or when you have a nagging pain; you just say to yourself “whatever, I’m sure it’s not a big deal.” And most of time it isn’t, but when it is, you won’t know it until it’s often too late. However, when you do have health insurance, you’re always staying on top of your health, and as a result, you know when something isn’t right.

Such is the case with construction equipment insurance. When you lack insurance, you’re more likely to be lenient with borderline equipment that may not be up to par, often settling for whatever comes cheapest. However, this can leave your entire site and work crew at risk, and without builders risk insurance, you put the whole job at risk without any backup plan in the event of an accident.

Improve Your Work Site’s Efficiency

With construction risk insurance, you are able to easily take care of any construction equipment issues that may arise on the job site. Having construction risk insurance or construction equipment insurance is like having a mechanic, instead of having to fix your car by yourself. If you encounter problems on the job site, they’ll be handled by professionals to help minimize your risks and vulnerability on the job site. Rather than having to handle and fix all of your problems by yourself, you’re giving yourself a safety net to fall back on in case emergencies occur.

A great work site thrives on efficiency. Each and every worker on a construction site should be immersed in their role in the job; every time there is any equipment malfunction that requires your workers (or yourself_ to shift their attention and focus to something other than the task at hand, your efficiency falters. Construction risk insurance moves the burden or risk to the insurance company, allowing your workers to focus on what they do best and keep your site a well-oiled, fast and efficient machine.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Again, it’s helpful to think of construction risk insurance the same way you think of health insurance. Most months you don’t need t go to the doctor or hospital, and it may feel like you’re wasting money on insurance. But every now and then you’ll need an MRI, or a small surgery, or an ambulance ride, and suddenly the relatively small sum of monthly money has saved you a truckload of it.

Such is the case with construction insurance. Consider cranes and rigs: they work great 99% of the time. But when they refuse to keep working, they cost an inordinate amount of money to repair or replace. With no insurance, you may save money during 99% of the time that the cranes and rigs are working, but you’ll get financially destroyed on the rare occasions that you have issues. If you have crane and rigging insurance, however, you’ll encounter those times with greatly reduced fiscal setbacks.

The goal of a construction team is to do the best job possible, in the shortest amount of time, without wasting money. Safety should be first on the job site, and having insurance is the best way to protect you, your team, your equipment and your job. Don’t leave your livelihood at risk, make sure you’re protected by contacting the experienced, results-driven professionals of Allied Insurance Brokers. Our team is dedicated to help you improve efficiency while minimizing risk, helping you build your bottom line and strengthen your business. Discover how together we can add value to your company and contact Allied Insurance Brokers today.

*Allied does not deem this list as a complete and thorough listing of all risk & safety issues and solutions, and does not recommend it be primarily relied on . It only highlights some common issues and resolutions. For a thorough overview, please contact Allied’s Risk Engineering Division.