Multi-Line Crane Program

In order to effectively insure cranes, one must understand both insurance and cranes. With a 20-year focus on crane Insurance, we thoroughly understand the nuances of your business. Since we speak your language: Rigging, Steel Erection, Machinery Moving and Erecting, Crane Rental, with and without Operators, etc., we can tie that knowledge to insurance coverage that provides real solutions for your business. We know what questions to ask and when. With our experience we can anticipate needs you may not have considered.

QUESTION: Could you have one claim that includes multiple lines of coverage?
QUESTION: Do you have riggers coverage for customer items while over-the-road?
QUESTION: Should you put your riggers on your general liability or your inland marine coverage?
QUESTION: Are your crane specific exposures insured correctly?
ANSWERS: We have them, so let’s talk. Let Allied walk you through your options.

Crane Insurance Program Highlights*

  • A Leading insurance broker of crane risks in the country
  • Risk management solutions to reduce total crane insurance cost
  • Specialty crane coverage extensions to minimize exposure, including boom overload, over-the-road, accidental pollution, loss of income, replacement cost valuation
  • Allied Toolbox: a risk management website exclusively available to our clients that offers an extensive resource library of loss control and safety-related tools including up-to-date OSHA information as well as human resources forms and compliance information
there is  no  Row title

Our Solutions Driven approach and trusted insurer relationships will deliver bottom-line improvements for your crane business. For more information on how Allied Insurance can help your crane business, contact us today.

* The coverage program highlights are subject to change without notice. Coverages can vary by insurer and specific risk circumstances. Please refer to the actual insurance policy for specific terms and conditions.

Coverage Options

Multi-Line Crane Program

Unique coverage options that truly meet your needs. Uncommon insights concerning liability issues that impact your bottom line. Unparalleled service from dedicated staff who have years of experience working with businesses just like yours. That’s what you get from the professional crane team at Allied.
General Liability
( Sample coverages available upon written request)
  • $2,000,000 general aggregate
  • $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • $2,000,000 products and completed operations
  • $1,000,000 personal and advertising
  • Occurrence form
  • Various deductible options
  • Rigger Liability including Loss of Use and Over-the-Road coverage
  • Short term pollution included in the limits up to $1 million per occurrence
  • Over-the-Road liability coverage for truck-mounted cranes including state required minimum financial responsibility loss
  • Employee Benefits of $1 million
Property and Equipment
  • “Manuscript” coverage tailored to cover equipment rented to third parties
  • Replacement cost valuation for equipment under 10 years old
  • Riggers coverage available with optimal consequential loss coverage
  • Specialty coverage including boom overload, over-the-road liability, loss of income and extra expense, loss of rents, equipment in your care, custody and control, attachments coverage
  • Flood and earthquake available in most states
Auto Liability and Physical Damage
  • Employees as Insureds
  • Hired Car Physical Damage
  • Blanket Additional Insured
  • Towing/Labor
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Personal Effects
  • Accident Airbag Deployment
  • Loan/Lease Gap
  • Preferential pricing for qualified accounts
  • Fleet and loss experience discounts
  • Available in most states
  • A.M. Best ‘A’ rated (Excellent) carrier that specializes in workers’ comp
  • Ability to issue certificates of insurance online anytime
  • Superior claims handling service
  • $1,000,000 – $5,000,000 coverage limits (higher caps available)

Crane Insurance

Crane Insurance Specialty Insurance Brokers

The business of crane operation and rental is very complex and requires a wide array of technical knowledge. That same amount of knowledge and insight is necessary when it comes to protecting that business from risk. Working in the dynamic and demanding industry of compliance and regulation, it is vital to proactively protect the business that you’ve worked so hard to build from any potential risk… insurance coverage is just the start. You need someone who can understand and navigate the world of insurance and cranes to effectively insure and protect your equipment, business, and employees. We offer insurance services and risk engineering solutions unique to the crane industry.

With 20+ years of experience insuring cranes and mitigating their risk, our focused understanding of the industry, partnered with our deep knowledge of your day-to-day challenges, are significant elements that assist us in our response to your risk management and insurance needs. Since we speak your language: rigging, crane rental, machinery moving and erecting, steel erection, with and without Operators, etc., we can tie that knowledge to insurance coverage that provides real solutions for your business. Knowing and Understanding short and long-term goals, business financial situations and contractual commitments is significant in helping us analyze expectations and risk tolerance. In these situations, we truly become a part of your team.

A Potentially dangerous piece of building equipment

Cranes are safe piece of building equipment when operated carefully and professionally. However, crane accidents can occur for many predictable, and maybe not so predictable, reasons. It’s therefore crucial to have crane-specific insurance and risk solutions in place. As an employer, you know that your employees, and even passersby, are put at risk whenever the crane is operated. If a load is accidentally dropped, it can result in catastrophic injuries and even death. Immeasurable damage and loss of life could also occur if an unstable crane topples over. If one of these unpredictable accidents happen it can result in legal action which could heavily impact your company. As an employer, you need crane-specific insurance and risk engineering solutions from a partner that specializes in your industry. You need someone who knows your risks and has the tools best fit to proactively address them head-on.

Theft and Damage

Theft within the crane industry is a growing problem, with professionally organized and highly skilled thieves shifting their attention to large machines like cranes. It’s important to have the proper insurance coverage with a partner that truly knows the worth of your equipment in case you’re ever faced with having to replace a stolen or damaged crane. A busy building site with heavy loads exposes your equipment to the risk of damage. Having a multi-line and crane-specific insurance plan in place is the right place to start in insuring your cranes against unexpected dangers such as vandalism or fire damage. More so, implementing proactive and loss prevention risk engineering solutions can help side-step any risk of damage or theft to your equipment in the first place.

Applying for crane contractors insurance

As a business owner, you want to get those valuable jobs while protecting your net worth. It’s important to get the proper crane insurance products to match smart risk management techniques. Application for the crane contractor insurance must include values of the equipment, the combined values for payroll, the average values of the property being hoisted, crane rentals with and without operators, millwright receipts and the highest value nobs for the last 3-4 years. The insurance company should also be provided with prior claims in order to allow for assessment of the risk and exposures.

Talk to the experts

Allied Insurance Brokers, for over 20 years, has provided our clients with the very best in crane-specific insurance to help minimize risks and exposure, and give them peace of mind. Our affordable, comprehensive coverage will help protect profits and build the bottom line. We know that each business is unique and will work with our clients to create crane insurance packages tailored to their unique business needs. With our years of experience in both the crane and insurance industries, you can be sure we offer a highly comprehensive, all-lines insurance program that is custom-built for crane businesses. We are always ready to work with you if your business circumstances change in order to help you adapt to those changing needs. With many resources at our disposal, there has never been a better time to review your coverage and concerns with us. Get in touch today to learn more about how our multi-line, crane-specific program and risk solutions can impact your business.