Heavy Haul: Safely Loading, Securing, & Transporting Your Cargo

Safely loading, securing, and transporting large or oversized cargo is an extremely important topic in the world of heavy haul.

First and foremost, it’s about keeping everyone safe and ensuring loads don’t come loose due to improper securement or bad driving. However, it’s also about how accidents, no matter how serious, can have an impact on the financial health on your business and what implications it may have on your ability to get insurance coverage and what your premiums may look like.

Many factors come into play when getting your freight from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ safe and secure, including load securement, safe driving, and thorough training before anything even gets loaded on a trailer. Making sure you are doing everything you can to safely put cargo on your trailers and then on the road can not only save lives but also save your business some serious financial stress.

See the below links for overviews regarding proper securement and safety techniques.

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