Daryl Lucke

Daryl Lucke - Executive Director Ward Home, Inc.,

Non-Profit & Health and Human Services

Allied is a true partner in addressing and understanding the specific needs of a non-profit organization. They make it a point to understand our agency and mission and will make recommendations with our best interests in mind.

They are proactive in researching industry trends and how to incorporate them into our insurance policies at the most competitive price. Their customer service is second to none. All requests, calls and emails are responded to in a timely fashion.

Allied is integral to our operations with platforms such as CSR-24 and serve as a trusted advisor by how they inform and educate us on exactly what we need. We seem to always be a step ahead of any risks because Allied points out areas of concern before they become issues. Most importantly, Allied is special because of their dedication to non-profits and their missions. We can always rely on Allied to support our special events and programs.

The combination of their expertise, support and customer service is what puts Allied head-and-shoulders above everyone else.

Mark Gehrt

Mark Gehrt, COO Power Equipment Leasing Co., Romeoville, IL

Rental Equipment

“There was a high comfort level with Allied from the get-go due to their staff and experience in the rental and heavy equipment industry. We quickly realized with Allied we weren’t just buying insurance, we were getting solutions. They gave us access to attorneys and other rental professionals to help us draft an iron-clad lease agreement. We had access to experienced professionals to help us with loss runs as well. Perhaps the best tool they provided was the ability for us to self-issue certificates of insurance online through CSR-24, which is phenomenal. CSR-24 positively impacted our bottom line directly when we had a client request a special certificate and needed it immediately. We were able to secure the certificate, and therefore the client, within minutes. Usually this would have taken at least a day. We didn’t have a day…we didn’t have an hour. It needed to be done then and there, and we did it in large part to Allied. They are very helpful and have response times that I didn’t get with my previous broker. Allied’s customer service is out-of-this-world. They give no gray areas with their answers and explanations to me. This allows us to make informed and accurate decisions when it comes to our business. What else can I say…Allied is just different.”
Power Equipment

Steve Ecklond

Steve Ecklond, President New York Ladder & Scaffold Corp., Yonkers, NY


“Allied not only has a great expertise and knowledge of the scaffold industry, they understand the scaffolding industry within New York specifically. That is something that isn’t always easily navigated by other brokers. Add on to that their excellent customer service and you can find why Allied is such a great fit for us. More than just providing insurance, Allied has consulted with us on all insurance coverages and issues that we needed to know. Their breadth of knowledge of the scaffolding industry in New York really makes us feel confident in their recommendations. Their claims consultant Bill Hiller has been exceptional in helping us reduce claims and certificates of insurance are issued quickly and easily. This all helps our business run better. New York Ladder and Scaffold is probably one of Allied’s oldest clients and there is good reason for that.”

Jami Carrera

Jami Carrera – High Reach,

“Allied helps us with so many things that they mean more to us than just insurance. With their experience and knowledge of our industry, they always know just what we need and how to make it fit. So I know we are always covered no matter what happens. What sets Allied apart is their additional services they offer. Whether it is how to deal with contracts or the various other services that help us run smooth. Their Allied Toolbox (Allied’s web-based risk management platform), is invaluable for its up-to-date OSHA information and reporting capabilities so we stay compliant with regulations. We also use their online safety tools for our meetings to help train our staff and make sure they are at their best. What I like best about Allied is that they are hands-on. They are here in-person often, even though they are based in Pittsburgh. That means a lot and makes us feel special. We have a unique and personal relationship with Allied and its team, and we think very highly of them. The people there are phenomenal and are considered a part of our team. Their knowledge and understanding of our company and industry goes unmatched.”
High Reach

Linda Merson

Linda Merson - Brothers Pumper,

Concrete Pumping

“Allied possesses a willingness to get anything we need done, and have it done quickly. Their attitude is always positive and friendly. No matter how many questions or requests we throw at them, they are always ready to help. The tools they offer, such as CSR-24 and their safety materials, are very helpful. They make our job here easier to do and allow things to happen a lot quicker and smoother. Most importantly, this all helps keep our customers happy. Everything just flows. For example, one day we had to pick up a concrete pumper and we couldn’t leave with it until we produced a certificate of insurance. Also, it was late in the day, but we needed to take that pumper then and there. Allied’s CSR-24 tool made it a quick turn-a-round and gave us the ability to make things happen and leave with the pumper when we absolutely had to . Allied is a fantastic team.”
Brothers Pumping

David Koehler

David Koehler, Owner Atlantic Crane, New York


“Allied’s knowledge of insurance is only matched by their knowledge of the crane industry. Being able to lean on them regarding insurance and risk management issues has really strengthened my business. Allied knows how to spot exposures in places where I might not have even thought there was one. That type of crane-industry specialization goes a long way in how I structure my coverage. Allied’s customer service also goes unmatched. One quick call or email and whatever I needed is done. There are a lot of headaches I don’t have to deal with because of Allied’s level of service and knowledge of the crane industry. Allied is a true business partner.”
Atlantic Crane

Bob D’Angelo

Bob D’Angelo, President American Scaffold & Equipment Corporation, New York


“The thing I like most about Allied is that when I am talking to them about a job or situation, they know what I’m talking about. Allied’s experience and knowledge of the scaffold industry is second to none. Plus their customer service is the best. Allied goes above and beyond to help us any time we need it. The biggest impact their knowledge has on our business, besides the complete coverage, is their help with our contracts. Everyone takes the time to read our contracts and explain the impact they may have on my insurance. Allied’s team members are always available, even after hours, when I have an urgent issue. It’s hard to always find that combination of service and knowledge.”
American Scaffold

Kenneth J. Buettner

Kenneth J. Buettner, President, York Scaffold, New York, NY


“We have been with Allied since 1982 and that should say it all. The constant handling of our needs, the confidence that things get done right, and the consistent response lets us know we are being treated the right way. Allied’s online tools are invaluable. The ability to get certificates online is a wonderful bonus and time saver. Their loss control services have been beyond helpful and have greatly impacted our operations. I wholeheartedly recommend Allied, the comfort and confidence in knowing one of the most important aspects of our business is being handled flawlessly is something I would want others to experience as well. As president of York Scaffold, I have too many other things to worry about. When it comes to our insurance coverage and services, I know Allied has me covered.”
York Scaffod

Mark McNally

Mark McNally, Executive Director, The Society for the Preservation of the Duquesne Heights Incline, Pittsburgh, PA


“Allied always provides us with great rates, but what really sets them apart is their service. When I call with a
question I get an intelligent answer immediately. If my question requires someone else’s expertise, I’m either transferred to the appropriate person or I receive a return call very quickly. Ondra is our ‘go-to’ person and she has always helps us every step of the way, no matter what the issue. I feel she is truly an extension of our
own staff. I would definitely recommend Allied Insurance Brokers to other nonprofit organizations and already have on several occasions. They are a company that really understands the needs and issues of nonprofits.”
Duquesne Incline

Tom Brewer

President, Brewer Equipment Company, North Carolina

Rental Equipment

“Allied Insurance Brokers is not just an insurance broker for Brewer Equipment Co., they have become a key member of our team. Their loss control services and staff have provided invaluable assistance and resources to ensure Brewer Equipment Co. is compliant with the, often, overwhelming amount of safety training and documentation required by many general contractors and industrial facilities. It is like having a full time safety professional on staff for the cost of our general liability premium. Not a bad deal.”
Brewer Equipment

Tommy Jones

Max Access Inc., Louisiana


“Allied has been a wonderful partner for Max Access Inc. Their team have been exceptional from the beginning of our bringing Allied on as our insurance company to the present. They have been very responsive to our daily needs and work hard to communicate consistently on issues related to our insurance package. Whether it is a question about workers comp issues or needing a certificate or where to navigate on the Allied webpage, their team gets on it fast and do it right the first time. My overall impression is that WE MATTER to Allied, which, in this day and age, is a rare find. I would highly recommend Allied to anyone needing insurance for their company.”

Allied likes to Wow our clients. It's the bar we set. It's part of our mission. Our goal every time we interact with a client is to have them walk away thinking their customer service experience was the best they ever had…to literally make them say "wow!". Below are some examples and statements from Allied clients.

WOWs: April 2015 - August 2015

Source: Crane Client Email

“Thanks, so much, for your immediate response to my late request for an insurance certificate. My customer received a certificate in his office just as we were making the lift at the job site — and he hadn’t requested one yet. However, I know he would have because most businesses have to show evidence of vendor insurance if they are audited. So I know he appreciated getting his certificate ahead of time, even though he and I both forgot it at the job’s inception.”

Source: Crane Client

The insured’s policies were expiring at midnight and we received a call from them at 4:40pm wanting to decrease the limit on their umbrella quote. Allied immediately called the underwriter, who was preparing to board a flight, and miraculously got the quote back to us by 4:58pm!

Source: Crane Client

Allied was able to satisfy the certificate requirements for a job that needed to start the next day with endorsements from the policy proving coverage. The GC was not going to let them start the job without an Umbrella but Allied was able to get them to waive the requirement.

Source: Rental Client

Received email from insured after helping meet insurance requirements and issue certificate by speaking to property management for a job.
“The Property Owner has sent me their signoff on our job after receiving your COI. We look good here! Thank you very much for the help and excellent assistance! We very much appreciate your service. Have a wonderful day!”

Source: Scaffold Client

Owner called at 7:00am to tell us that they were not being let into an industrial facility by the site’s superintendent because of an issue with the ISNetWorld portal. The facility was scheduled for a ‘turn around’ which meant that entire facility was shut down for maintenance that required working at height. Insured had 3 trucks on sight with 7 scaffold erectors who were all in a holding pattern until issue was resolved. Allied was able to resolve the issue within 30 minutes. Superintendent was able to verify portal was updated and let them on site to erect scaffold thus saving their $65,000 job.

Source: Scaffold Client

Client sent an email letting us know that their Allied representative had been very helpful dealing with several issues they have had in the past two weeks. “Lauren has been very helpful these past few days helping me get things sorted out. She probably cringes when she hears my voice. So give her a nice pat on the back…buy her lunch…she deserves an “Atta Girl!!”

Source: Scaffold client

Client called to say how appreciative he was for how hard we worked with Liberty Mutal to get the workers compensation certificate issued and over to his client, especially having it issued faster than their normal day or two turnaround time. Also thanked Allied for personally talking with his client and reassuring them that we will get this done today and sent over.

Source: Email from Crane Client

“Awesome! You guys are the best.” – Regarding getting paperwork out for funding on a new crane.

Source: Rental Client

Allied rep called the Florida Tag Office, Florida Department of Insurance, and Hartford in an effort to resolve an issue with the tag office. Allied got Hartford to reach out to the manager of the DMV filing area to obtain a speedy resolution.