Crane Safety Videos

Please watch the below OSHA videos for examples of real-life, everyday hazards for crane operators and riggers, and the steps to take to prevent them from happening to your employees and organization.   Video 1: Cranes & Power Lines “This

Allied’s Chairman & CEO Marty O’Brien Featured in Leader’s Edge Magazine

Allied’s Chairman & CEO Marty O’Brien is featured within the ‘Seasoned Traveler’ section of the latest issue of Leader’s Edge Magazine! Check out the digital edition and go to page 65 to see for yourself.  

Preparing for Wintertime Worksite Risks

Construction is a challenging business in itself. Keeping to timelines and managing contractors isn’t always easy, but when you throw winter into the mix, new complications arise. Some construction projects take a break during harsh winters but most can’t afford

Controlling Workers’ Comp Claims Costs

A large portion of company finances is spent on worker’s compensation claims and their associated costs. Clearly the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” rings true here. While companies work hard at prevention and

Avoiding the Most Common Logging & Lumberyard Accidents

Every year logging routinely occupies either the first or second position as the statistical winner for most dangerous profession in the United States, since more accidents resulting in injury and fatality occur in the logging industry than virtually any other.

6 Point Safety Inspection for Your Scaffolding

Since 1971, the organization for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has had a well-defined standard in place regarding scaffolds, yet scaffold-related accidents resulting in injuries and even fatalities continue to occur on construction sites. According to the Bureau of Labor

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