Making Safety Your Priority on the Worksite

Maintaining worker safety and keeping the business thriving are two of the main goals of any construction company. Of course, there are several procedures that can be followed to help unsafe work environments, but it’s important to be prepared with

Embracing Risk and Guarding Against It

Construction insurance is vitally important for numerous reasons; the large numbers of workers  involved, the high-dollar equipment, the large investment of cash and time, and the risks associated with all these things. In fact, managers can use construction insurance as

5 Key Steps to Designing an Effective Project Insurance Program

The importance of insurance and operational risk management solutions as key risk management tool for projects that need financing cannot be underestimated. However, there is no standard or perfect insurance policy that can be applied to all projects. There are

Do You Need Rental Equipment Insurance?

Whether someone is looking for a party tent for an outdoor wedding, a cement mixer to lay some concrete or an aerial lift for projects where the sky is the limit, the first place many of us turn to is

Nonprofit Insurance Suggestions that May Save Your Organization

Nonprofits are different in many respects from other businesses, and one of those areas is risk and the need for nonprofit insurance coverage that protects the unique needs of the organization. In fact, not too long ago it was challenging

Is Your Insurance Protecting You from Pollution Risks?

Construction sites and other industrial facilities offer many challenges and dangers to those working on-site and to the surrounding communities. In order to protect themselves from accidents and other events that may lead to pollution problems, companies must consider whether

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