Hold Harmless, Indemnity, and Three Things to Think About

We’ve probably all watched enough Law and Order or CSI to have a basic understanding about how America’s legal system works.  However, what may not always be apparent are the differences between the criminal and civil systems.  While criminal cases

Hose Whipping

If you’re in the concrete pumping industry, then chances are you’ve dealt with, heard about, or otherwise been involved in a hose-whipping incident.  Technically speaking, hose-whipping is known as “air ingression to the concrete pumping delivery pipeline.” In layman’s terms,

What Types of Insurance Should Nonprofits Have?

Insurance is taken for granted until something happens where it is needed. This is true for individuals, traditional businesses and nonprofit organizations. There are several different types of nonprofit insurance coverage, all of which play an important role in guarding

International Union of Operating Engineers Challenges OSHA on Crane Capacity and Type

Virtually any time there’s a change to a rule, there’s some sort of opposition to it.  Sometimes the oppostion is way off base — perhaps it’s motivated by money or power — but other times, the opposition makes a valid

Signal Person Qualification

When the new OSHA rule was issued regarding cranes and derricks in construction in 2012, there were a few items in it that made the industry turn its collective head and take notice.  One such issue (explained in detail here), dealt

What Level of Crane Insurance Coverage Should I Buy?

The construction industry holds unique challenges and circumstances, with each day and job holding new surprises. One of the most challenging aspects involves the use of cranes when constructing a building or other type of structure. While the use of

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